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Hoctra offers an express service where we will set up your online store, load your products, connect you with payment gateways and all that in 7 days. Just share your requirements and leave the rest on us. So what’s holding you back? Submit the inquiry form and let us help you get started.


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Benefits of having an ecommerce store

The services listed below are included as part of our eCommerce Development Services.

1. Establish your online presence

E-commerce is becoming the more dependable method of ordering stuff, and many consumers nowadays prefer to buy products online. An e-commerce website allows your company to advertise and promote its products and/or services. It will empower your brand to have a representation outside of its geographical barriers. We are all aware that branding and connections drive physical retail. Online retail, on the other hand, is driven by search engine traffic. Customers will typically click on a link to an e-commerce website that they have heard of or are familiar with.

2. Increase your customer base

Given its comfort and efficiency, online shopping has become a daily routine for many consumers. As a result, having your own online store can assist your company in expanding its customer base, even overseas. You will be able to communicate with customers all over the world. The entire planet is your playground, and you can sell your products anyplace in the world. At the same time, your clients can explore and buy your products 24 hours a day, seven days a week! This is really useful to your customers because they may buy your products whenever they want, regardless of the time of day.

3. Increase your product offering

Having an online shop enables you to increase your product inventory in ways that a physical store cannot due to space constraints. Adding products to your inventory is simple and quick with an online store. In addition, you can post details about your products in your online store. Customers can then obtain this information and use it to make purchasing decisions.

4. Decrease cost of doing business

Among the advantages of having an e-commerce website is that you may reduce your business costs. Increased search engine traffic, social media traffic, and pay-per-click can all help to reduce marketing and advertising expenditures. These are less expensive than standard advertising gimmicks. You can also save money on people by automating check-out, billing, inventory management, shipping, and other processes. The number of staff necessary to run your online store is reduced. Customers will no longer need to visit your actual store to purchase your stuff. They can purchase them online and have them delivered to them

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